Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Power of a Compliment

I recently had an experience where I realized just how much compliments mean to me. I was at church this last Sunday, and I was in the lady's room washing my hands. While I was washing my hands one of the women drying her hands told me that I looked great for just having a baby and asked me how old my daughter was. I told her that Rosalie was 4 months old, and she proceeded to give me another sweet compliment. Then, another sweet woman told me that she thought I looked really good, and how she wished she looked that good after having a baby. Honestly, their kind words made my entire day! My entire week actually! I left the restroom smiling, and feeling really good about myself :) I have often felt kind of blah lately because I often don't get ready for the day if I am just staying home, and I find myself in sweats more often than not. So their words were exactly what I needed to hear on the one day of the week that I always make an effort to get ready and look nice :) Their sweet and sincere compliments reminded me that I need to give others sincere compliments more because I want to share the wonderful feeling that I was feeling. So I challenge all of us to compliment those around us more because you never know what kind of day a person is having or how they are feeling about themselves. A compliment may change their entire view :)

My sweet baby girl is still growing like a weed, and getting cuter every single day.
This is what I get to wake up to each morning :)

 She kept talking to me while I was taking her pictures and this is the face that I got! I love it :) Check out those cute legs rolls?! Chubby babies are the best!

She is now eating sweet potatoes along with her rice cereal, and she seems to really like them. I think she even likes them more than the rice cereal. She ate a good amount of them the other day, and it was so fun for me to feed them to her. It is bittersweet though because my baby girl is growing up so fast!
She kept going cross eyed because she would try to look at the spoon

This smile is what I look forward to every day! She is starting to smile more and more! She will get so excited when she sees me that she will start to shake and wiggle. I love that she loves me so much :) She is also kind of starting to giggle a tiny bit, but I am still waiting for a full on laugh from her. 
She will also smile huge when Chanse sings to her, and she will "sing" (babble basically) with him. We bought a teething ring for her about a week ago because she is always drooling and trying to bit/suck on my fingers. She loves chewing on the teething ring, but is still having a hard time learning how to control her hands and fingers.
My mom is seriously the best, and she watched Rose so that Chanse and I could go see X-Men. Any of you couples out there who don't have any kids, take advantage of your date nights! You will wish you had when you have a sweet little one :) Anyways,  I loved the movie, and I loved spending time with my hubby. Holding his hand and watching a good movie are two of my favorite things :)

*What do you like to do for date night?
*Has anyone given you a compliment lately that really touched you?

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