Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Many Faces of Rosalie

As I was looking through the photos on my camera from the past couple of days, I realized that 99% of them are pictures of Rosalie. She is just so dang cute, that I can’t help but snap picture after picture of her. I also noticed that she makes about a billion different faces, which are completely adorable.

Her "I'm so excited that I can hardly stand it" face
Her concentration face. Get a load of those cheeks!
Her Happy to See Mommy Face
Her interested face
Her "What is Daddy doing now?" face 
I will just call this her bath time face because she makes it every single time she gets to talk her bath. Baths are her fav!
Her pensive face. This one always makes me wonder what is going on in her little head 

And on a side note here are three things that made me happy yesterday:

 1. An easy 3 mile run. 

 It felt so good to get up early and run because I have been slacking off a bit lately. The weather was a bit cooler which was perfect, and I love just getting lost in the music as my feet hit the pavement.

2. Pizza!
Funny story: I never really liked pizza before I got married, but now I love it. I blame my current love of pizza entirely on Chanse’s obsession with it. However, he doesn’t make me eat it so I guess he isn’t entirely to blame ;) I had a couple slices of this bad boy with some jalapenos, and they definitely hit the spot!

3. Watching these two play together
What is better than watching my two favorite people play together?! Um...nothing! She is all smiles when daddy gets home, and you can tell that he is completely wrapped around her little finger :)


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