Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Best Drugstore Makeup

I love makeup just as much as the next girl out there, but I am definitely on a budget when it comes to buying it! My hubby is in college and we have a 4 month old baby, so I can't just run down to the closest Sephora and get whatever my heart desires. Because of this, I have used several different drugstore products over the years, and have found the ones that I really like :)

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I love this primer because it does a great job of moisturizing my skin and also hiding my pores before I put on my foundation. It also blends in really well, and it doesn't feel heavy on my skin. It also has a slight tint to it which gives me some added color (I'm super pale, so this helps big time!).
I actually started using this about two years back after seeing it recommended on Barefoot Blonde, and I have loved it! It goes on very evenly, and it blends in well with my primer. I also like that it ads color to my face without making me look orange. A little bit definitely goes a long way though, so don't use too much at one time.

This blush is cheap, and it works so well! It gives me the perfect pop of color, without being too obvious. I hate when I can see a blush line on my face, so this works perfectly for me.

I have been using this mascara forever it seems like, and I love how thick and full it makes my eyelashes look! It also seems to last me forever, which is awesome. I recently did a post on the 3D Fiberlash Mascara here, and I love it, but it is a bit more expensive than drugstore mascara.
I always try different eyeliners, but this is the one that I always fall back on. I like that it has a top that twists up because I always break the ones that your sharpen. This eyeliner goes on thick, and if I don't accidentally rub my eye or something silly like that, then it will stay on all day long.

I started coloring in my eyebrows when I dyed my hair brown because they were too light with my dark hair. I have since continued to fill them in when I want them to look a little fuller. I like that this eyebrow pencil has a twist up top, and comes in a variety of different colors. The comb on the end also helps with taming my sometimes wild eyebrows. 

I have blue eyes, so I really like using darker eyeshadows. I love all of the colors in this pallet because they go really well together. I usually use the darker chocolate color on my lid though, instead of the lighter brown that they recommend. The only thing I have not liked about this eye shadow is that I get dark lines on the tops of my eyelid creases after having the eye shadow on for several hours. I don't know if this can be avoided though. Any tips?

I love bronzer, and I NEED bronzer. I am one pale girl when I haven't seen much sun, and this stuff saves me! It helps to add a bit of color to my face, and makes me feel like I have a more even skin tone. I also like that a little bit goes a long ways because it lasts forever.

Some days I am all about wearing lipstick (let's be honest, it's mostly just Sundays), but other days I just want a small pop of color. This is perfect for those days, and it allows me to feel girly while still keeping it simple. The Baby Lips come in several different colors, but so far this one is my fav. I also like that it is a great moisturizer for my lips.

I always have dark circles under my eyes, and I hate it. I don't know if it is from lack of sleep, darker skin pigment, or what, but I hate it. I like that this concealer stick goes on easily and blends in will with the my foundation. I actually found this little gem at the Dollar Tree for a dollar! Crazy huh?! I linked it to a different online website, but would recommend getting if from the Dollar Tree if they have it. 

I know this isn't technically "makeup", but I had to include it because I love it! My hubby got me this for Christmas and I find myself using it all of the time. It goes on nice and thick, and I think that it is the prettiest shade of red!

And because I can't manage to press the publish button without first adding a picture of my sweet baby girl :)

Hope you enjoy my drugstore makeup finds! 
Let me know what you think :)

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