Thursday, June 5, 2014

Rosalie is becoming quite the little talker

You know those days where your day is over in the blink of an eye and you have no idea where it went? Yeah I had that kind of a day yesterday. I was also gone all day, which is something that I am not used to ha. I am normally home for a good portion of the day, but yesterday Rose was quite the party girl. 

My mom was game for watching Rosalie for a bit, so I went on a nice run. Did you know that it was National Running Day yesterday?! I'm glad I could celebrate the holiday appropriately ;) Who would not want to run with this beauty all around?!

I went to lunch with a friend of mine that I haven't seen in a LONG time, and it was so fun to catch up. She is pretty much the sweetest girl ever, and Rose loved her! Rose kept talking and smiling, and had a great time! Rosalie is seriously becoming a little talker. I definitely think she is going to be one of those little kids that talks all of the time ha! I love living in Vernal for the summer because seeing friends that I have known for years is the best!

We also hit up my little twin nieces' birthday party yesterday, and that was a ton of fun. It was at the water park so all of the little ones had a great time! Rosalie didn't get wet, but she loved the sunshine and all of the attention. 

I feel like this summer is going to be over before I know it, so I am trying to soak in every single moment and just enjoy it all! This is Rosalie's very first summer and I want it to be a good one for her. I want her to experience new things, and watch her grow :)

*What are some fun things that you can do with a 4 month old?
*Did you run yesterday?

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