Monday, June 9, 2014

3 Reasons Why it is Hard to Travel with a Baby

I don't know if it is hard for every mom to travel with their baby, but traveling with Rosalie is HARD.  And I don't just mean long car trips, traveling with her for even 10 minutes can be hard depending on her mood. I would be lying if I told you that I don't just stay home some days because I have no desire to fight that battle. This last week we took Rosalie out to Provo for her doctor's appointment, and it was hard to say the least. We went out and back in one day so it was a LONG one. Poor baby girl just didn't like her carseat, and wanted out. There are probably three things that I can think of that make traveling with Rose hard for me.

1. Rosalie HATES being trapped in her carseat
The first time I ever heard Rosalie cry was when I put her in her carseat. She is a baby the loves to be held a lot, and she gets pretty sad when someone isn't holding her. The carseat is no exception to this rule. She will normally start getting fussy within about 30 seconds of being put in her carseat. Sometimes she will calm down, but other times she won't. She especially doesn't like the feel of the carseat because the buckles trap her in, and she can't movie. I think she can feel that she is trapped in there, and she hates it. I also think that she doesn't like the fact that she can't really see out the windows or anything when she is in her carseat because it is rear facing. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she will do better when she is in a front facing carseat, but we shall see haha.

2. Rose isn't happy unless someone is sitting in the back seat with her
99% of the time someone is sitting in the back of the car with Rosalie because it keeps her happy. Sometimes I can get away with having her sit alone for a short drive around town, but having someone sit in the back with her for long trips is a must. She loves having someone to talk to when she is in her carseat, and it normally keeps her happy for a time. On our trip this last week, I was able to entertain her for a good half hour after she started crying. She was happy while I was talking, singing, making faces, and whatever else I could do to keep her entertained haha. Babies are hard work I tell ya ;)

3. She needs to be nursed often
First of all, please excuse the face I am making haha. I have no idea what I was doing/thinking. Anyways, you wouldn't think that this one applies for short trips to the grocery store, but it does. I can't tell you how many times I have nursed my fussy baby after a shopping trip because I know she will be so much happier in her carseat for the ride home. Long trips also require me to stop and nurse her at certain points during the trip. I don't mind this at all because I LOVE nursing her, but it does make planning for a trip and getting places on time a lot harder. She is much happier with a full tummy though, so I like to nurse her often on car trips to keep her happy. However, sometimes she has a full tummy and still cries her poor little eyes out, so I just do the best I can haha

My Advice: 
Overall I feel like every baby is different. Some are great in their carseats and others hate them. I happen to have a baby that hates her carseat, and to be totally honest, I don't blame her. Who wants to be trapped in a seat where you can't move and all you can see is the interior of a boring car?! So if you have a baby like mine who likes to be free, I would say do the best you can. Try to feed your baby right before a long trip or even a trip to the store. Give them toys that hang from their carseat, and if you can, sit in the back and talk with them. I have gotten some of the best smiles and babbles from Rosalie while she has been in her carseat, and I would've missed them if I hadn't been in the backseat with her. There are also times when no matter what I try, she won't stop crying. At times like this, I just keep talking, singing, and playing with her, and just let her cry if that is what she wants to do. A lot of the time she will eventually fall asleep, and may just be overtired. Other times she cries until we get home, and is promptly bright eyed and bush tailed the second that her buckle is undone haha. One thing is for sure, I am learning as I go and it's an adventure to say the least :)

This weekend has been pretty low key except for our trip to the city. Chanse and I didn't feel the greatest so we mostly just hung out with my fam, played with Rose, watched movies and rested up.

I had to wake up nice and early in the morning on the day of Rosalie's appointment in order to get ready before Rose woke up. If she is awake I usually don't get much done ha. I took this picture right before I woke her up because she just looked so perfect and peaceful.
She is so happy in the mornings, and I love it! She will just smile and smile at me and will make the cutest little squeaking giggle. She also loves to talk to me now, and is learning to fake cough. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen!
I finished this book during the trip, and I really liked it. It is the second book in an LDS series, and I enjoyed it. I don't get much time to read, so I take advantage of it. Whenever Rose would fall asleep during the trip I would read until she woke up again haha. 
We went to the pediatrician for Rosalie's 4 month check up, and I will do an update post about that tomorrow. So dang cute! I think I'll keep her ;)
We went to lunch to get gyros at Supreme Burger in Provo, and they were so yummy to say the least. Rose also LOVED being out of her carseat ha. This poor girl was in her carseat much too much on this particular day.

I missed this guy a bunch while we were away, so I was glad to get snapchats from him :) So handsome!!!
Little miss was snoozing in her carseat one day on the way to the grocery store. I loved sitting in the back seat and just watching her :) I love how she was holding onto her bow. Speaking of her bow, my mom and I are going to be selling bows this summer in Vernal at the Farmer's Market (I think that is what it is called), so I will give all you Vernal peeps more information on that soon. :) My mom is so talented and her bows are seriously amazing!
I showed Rose some new cartoons, and she loved them. She likes the singing and the bright colors. We watched a pirate cartoon for kids, and all three of the Tinker Bell movies. She was captivated!
Chanse and I also did some movie watching. Poor guy was sick, sick, sick. I was glad to spend time with him though :)
This little cutie looked adorable for church as usual and was so good. I love how she is such a happy baby when she is being held because it makes church so easy. I just hold her and nurse her once during the three hour block, and she is a happy camper :)

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How was your weekend?

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