Monday, May 12, 2014

This Weekend Was a Special One for Our Little Family :)

I just love the weekends because it means more family time! Chanse is home more, and we get to spend more time together. My parents are also home more on the weekends, and since we are living with them right now, that is super fun! This weekend was extra special with Mother's Day and Rosalie's blessing :) But I will start off with Saturday...

On Saturday morning my little brother and I had planned on running 5 miles together, but he bailed on me ha, so I ran it solo. My amazing mom was sweet enough to watch Rosalie for me while I ran, and I really appreciated it so much. We don't have her jogging stroller yet, but I am really looking forward to getting one so she can come along with me on some of my runs :)

I took this picture on Saturday after I got back home. This little one lights up my world!!! She has been drooling sooooo much that we put a bib on her ha because she gets her shirts/onesies soaking wet.

My brother had a soccer game on Saturday, so Rose and I went to watch. It was super windy though, so my mom made a little tent for us to sit under. It worked really well and none of the wind hit us :)

My brother played incredibly well, and I think he ended up with 5 goals! 

Saturday night= bath time! I just can't get over how cute her little naked body is! Seriously I love her little fat roles, and her cute little bum! I never want her to grow up! She also loves her baths, so that makes them way fun. She will just smile and coo the whole time she is being bathed :)

Chanse and I had a movie night with Rosalie on Saturday, and we had a good time. I just set Rose down on my legs, and she kept looking up at me. My mom thought it was super cute so she snapped shot. These are the moments that I never ever want to forget!

Chanse sent me this snap chat on Sunday morning, and I loved it! I am so blessed to be a mom to my sweet baby Rosalie, and I feel like I have truly found my calling in life. I know that all of you other moms out there know exactly what I am taking about :) Being a mom is the best!

Mother's Day was extra special for me this year because not only was it my first Mother's Day, but it was also Rosalie's blessing day :) Chanse gave her a beautiful blessing, and I never want to forget the things that he said :) I love this Gospel so much, and I am so grateful that we are an eternal family!

My mom made Rosalie's bow, and I told her to make it big ha. I think that she did an amazing job, and it looked perfect with her little dress :)

My sister-in-law Angela made this cute little bracelet for Rosalie's blessing day, and I thought that it was absolutely perfect!

Chanse and I are so blessed to call this little angel our daughter. Being parents has changed both of us in ways that we never could've imagined, and we wouldn't trade it for the world!

My little brother Collin held Rose Sunday after dinner (which was delicious by the way!), and she was as chill as as cucumber. She loves her uncles and she has them wrapped around her little finger :)

Rose and I had a Selfie Sunday ;)

Then she decided to pull this face hehe.... I am loving that double chin!

She is the happiest little baby most of the time, and she is cooing more than ever! We will just sit there and talk to her, and she will coo and make faces, and try to talk back with us. She will also smile super big, and her eyes get all scrunched. It's the best!

Chanse's parents Skyped from their mission in Belize for Mother's Day, so we went over to his sister's house to talk with them. It was so fun to see Chanse's parents and talk with them for a little bit. They love Rosalie, and wish they could give her hugs and kisses in person :) It was also super fun to see the rest of his family, and everyone loved Rosalie as usual.

She has the best cousins!

I really did have a wonderful weekend, and I loved celebrating Mothers! I have the best mom in the entire world, and I would be so lost without her! She has always been there for me, and she has helped me so much now that I am a new mom! And to top it off she is the BEST Nana to Rosalie, and Rose just loves and adores her!

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