Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sortin' Out My Priorities

If this picture doesn't light up your morning, then I don't know what will. It sure makes me smile every time that I see it. :)

Rose has been getting stronger and stronger, and it blows my mind. She will now hold her little head up, and she likes you to help her sit up. My mom thought that it would be fun for us to stick her in her little bumbo chair and see how she did. She loved it! 

Bath time is Rosalie's favorite thing ever. She will kick and wiggle when she is in the bathtub, and she never wants to get out. She will also grin from ear to ear the entire time. I had to snap this picture of her because it was just too cute!

So I pretty much have the most amazing mom in the entire world, and she is kind enough to watch Rosalie for me while I go on runs in the mornings. When Chanse and I move back to Provo in the Fall it is going to take me some time to get used to not having my mom around ha. All of you who live close to family, don't take it for granted! Anyways, Vernal has an awesome walking park that I like to go to sometimes to run. It normally isn't too busy, and it is a pretty little park to run around. Although I would've liked to have started my run a bit earlier in the morning due to the heat, it was a gorgeous, sunny day. I ran about 3.3 miles and then called it good because I had to get back to my sweet baby girl.

 Oh and in other exciting news, my brother has informed me that he wants to spend his summer vacation getting up early to run with me! Wahoo! I have my doubts, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that he will stick to his word!

Rose and I took a break while we were working today, and I had my mom snap a picture of her cuteness. She is seriously the cutest thing ever, but I can't take any credit because she looks just like her daddy. Working with my mom is the best and if I'm lucky she gets me lunch ;) Cafe Rio today was uh-mazing, but I forgot a pic :( Sorry! Just imagine the best sweet pork salad that you have ever seen and try not to drool.

 Rose is seriously never happy when she is in her carseat, so the fact that she is smiling in this picture is a complete miracle! She will sometimes start screaming the second that I put her in her carseat because she just hates it that much ha! I am hoping and praying that she will do better as she gets older because we are doomed for long car trips if she doesn't.

I have been thinking lately about my priorities and where they are at. I honestly have to say that my priorities aren't always in the right place, but I try hard to sort out my priorities and put the most important ones at the top. I try to put the Gospel first, then my hubby, and then my sweet Rosebud. 

The Gospel-
My faith and religion are what guide me each day, and help me to become the best person I can be. I feel like my religion helps me live A happier life that is filled with purpose.

My Husband-
 I also realize that it is important to keep this cheeser below at the top of my list of priorities. He is my husband and the relationship that we have with each other is crucial to being good parents to Rosalie. If we have a healthy and happy relationship with each other, I know that we can be the best parents possible for Rosalie. I have to give a shout out to all of the single moms out there, you are amazing! I don't know how to you do it, and I am amazed by you.

Being a Mom- 
It is such a gift to be a mom. I know that the Lord has entrusted me with one of his little spirits, and it is my job to take care of her. I want nothing more than for her to grow and thrive. I want her to grow up knowing that she has parents who love and adore her. At times the thought of having all of this responsibility can be just a bit overwhelming, but then I realize that I am not doing it alone. I have the Lord to help me, an amazing husband who adores his baby girl just as much as I do, and an incredible family who offers help, advice, and support whenever I need it. Watching her smile and babble is like Christmas morning to me every single day, and seeing her grow fills me with so much pride. I am so grateful that this chubby cheeked angel is all mine!
Being a mom has added so much meaning to my life, and has taught me to be less selfish. I spend less time thinking about my needs, and more time thinking about hers. I know that being a mom is what I was always meant to do, and I feel like it is the hardest, yet most fulfilling job that I could have.
While I will always have other interests and hobbies, my hubby, Rosalie, and the rest of our future children will always be my priority :) They're the best!

What are your priorities?

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