Sunday, May 4, 2014

My Graduation!

Graduation was awesome, and I am so glad that I chose to walk! I finished school in December, but graduation wasn't until April 24th and 25th, so it was a long time coming. My mom, dad, and two brothers came out for graduation, and I am so glad that they were there to support me. Chanse, Rosalie, and my sister were also there too of course. 

The first day of graduation included all of the Ph. D, Master's, and Bachelor's Degree students, so there were a ton of us. We didn't actually walk across the stage and get our diploma on this day, but we listened to a few different speakers including President Samuelson and President Uchtdorf. I got to sit next to a friend of mine who graduated in Communication Disorders as well, so that made the whole ceremony a lot more fun.

 I was so excited to see Rose after the ceremony! I did find my family in the huge crowd though, and I basically watched her the whole time haha.

I love my little family!

Allyson and Me

My awesome family! 

I just love these two so much!!!!!

Me and my brothers. They were troopers to come and sit through both days of graduation ha!

After the first day of graduation we went out to eat as a family that night. It was so good to see my family, and it was fun to catch up and talk. Rose was passed around of course, and everyone loved her. She is the star of the show no matter where we go haha!

 I really wanted to walk across the stage with Rosalie on the second day of graduation, so I asked Chanse if he would bring her down to me right before I walked across. This worked out perfectly, and Chanse was waiting to hand her to me when I went to line up to walk across the stage.

Everyone was so sweet to Rosalie while I was lined up to walk across, and they asked if she needed her own little cap and gown, and if they should read her name along with mine when I walked across haha! It was fun :) She was wide awake, and happy when I walked across the stage to receive my diploma, and it is a memory that I will never ever forget!

 My beautiful sister, daughter, and myself

The whole gang :)

I am so glad that I have this awesome guy to support me all of the time. He is a wonderful husband, and he definitely encouraged me to always work my hardest in school :)

 I was pretty excited to be all done, with my diploma in hand hehe ;)

I love being a mom, and I wouldn't want to be doing anything else in the world right now, but I am also so grateful that I have my degree :) I am very blessed!

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