Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kickin' It in Vernal

Life has been super busy lately, and I love it. Right after graduation Chanse, Rosalie, and I moved back to Vernal for the summer time. So far it has been great, and living with my family has allowed us to have a lot of extra help, which is awesome! It is also fun to be closer to family for a little bit because who knows where we will be at this time next year. The jobs in Vernal are also a lot better than the ones in Provo ha, so that's another plus for us :)

We got Rosalie an awesome little swing a couple of days after we moved here, and she loves it! We had no room in our old house for a swing, but I am so glad that we have one now. She sleeps in her swing so well, which is great because she isn't much of a napper during the day.

My brother Collin and I have been going on a lot of runs and walks, and I have loved it! He is going to do the little 5 mile run with me in a couple of weeks, and I am excited to do it with him :) This last weekend we went on a walk with Rosalie, and she loved it! 

 I had to include this picture because my brother Tyler made dinner one night last week, and it was amazing! He made lemon chicken, brocolli, and homemade rolls, and the rolls were DELICIOUS! He should seriously be a chef, he is such a good cook!

Rose is a natural model as you can see ;)
 So Rosalie is always smiling now, and it is seriously the best thing ever. She will always smile at me when we are both looking in the mirror, and I absolutely love this! I snapped this picture when she was smirking, and I thought that she looked pretty dang cute!

Chanse and I had a busy Saturday this last week, and we had fun. We first went to his nephew's baseball game, and Rose snoozed. She got a little too much sun though, and I vowed to get sunscreen and an umbrella before I take her out into the sun again!

We then went over to his sister's house and watched her kids for a bit. They are such cuties, and they love being able to see and hold their little cousin Rose.

I posted this picture on my Instagram this last week, and I think it is crazy how alike Chanse and Rosalie are! It is amazing to me!!!

Chanse was watching Rosalie for a bit this last week, and he sent me this picture and told me that Rose wanted mommy haha. She is really turning into the biggest mommy's girl despite my efforts to let everyone hold her ha. I guess we will just keep doing our best, but I would be lying if I told you I didn't love that she wants me to hold her and cuddle her.

I also posted this picture on my Instagram, but I had to share it on here too because I just love these two so much! Aren't they both so good looking?!

Have a Great Wedneday, and give your loved ones a big squeeze!


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