Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Rosalie's Two Month Check Up :)

Today I want to talk about my sweet Rosalie. She had her two month check up yesterday, and she did great! She loved the vaccine that was given to her in her mouth, and she just sat there and swallowed it while the nurse gave it to her. It was hard for me to see her cry when she got her shots, but the nurse was amazing. She told Chanse and me that she was a "shot ninja" ha, and she definitely was! She gave her 3 shot in no time, and I was so impressed! Rose cried for a minute or two after she got her shots, but then she was just fine :). I think she was a bit tuckered out from the whole experience though because she slept for most of the day. 
Rosalie's Stats:
Weight: 9 lbs 7 ounces, 8th percentile
Height: 22 inches, 25th percentile
Head Circumference: 14.3 inches, 5th percentile

 Baby girl is long and petite, and she is growing perfectly! It is so good to hear your doctor tell you that you as parents are doing good, because she is our life and we want nothing but the best for her :)
This is right after she got her shots. She only cried a bit, and then she was a happy little girl again :)

As you can see in the above pictures, Rosalie's acne is still bothering her. I have tried a few things on my own like just bathing her with water and putting cream on her face, but nothing seemed to be working. I talked with my pediatrician about Rosalie's acne, and he told me to switch up a few things. He said that it would be wise to start using detergent that was made specifically for babies, so I bought Dreft for her. He also told me to get some soap and lotion that was unscented, because her skin may be reacting to the perfumes in her lotions and soaps. He then said to get some Hydrocortizone cream for the rash/acne because this may assist in clearing it up. Lastly, he told me to stop bathing her everyday (which I have done since I brought her home from the hospital), and only bath her about 3 days a week. He said that the water may be drying out her skin, and irritating the rash even more. I went to the store right after Rose's appointment to get all of these items, and I am hoping that her face and chest will start clearing up. I will keep you updated :)

Rosalie was pretty worn out after her appointment, and she slept the whole time that we were in the store, and all of the way home.
This little girl is such an angel, and we are so incredibly blessed to have her in our lives.


  1. Lacey had bad baby all over her poor face. I used the avenno baby cream and that seemed to help. It really got a lot better between 2 and 3 months, so hopefully hers will clear up!

    1. Oh poor Lacey! It is so sad to see Rose's poor little face :( I hope hers will start clearing up soon too!

  2. Kinley had eczema and a bad heat rash. We used cetaphil lotion which really really helped. The hydrocortisone cream also helped for the flare ups! Hope those changes help!


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