Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I Make Any Excuse to Get Out of the House

Now that Rosalie is old enough to get out of the house, I have definitely been taking advantage of it. I love love love having her come places with me, but oh buddy is it harder than just traveling alone.  I am learning though, and trying really hard to remember to stock up her diaper bag before we leave the house ha. I ran out of wipes the other day when changing her diaper, and it was um interesting haha! I am also really building up the muscles on my arms by carrying her carseat around ;) It will be interesting to see how I manage as she gets bigger. One thing is for sure, I love my little one, and I am so blessed to be her mama!

 Rose made sure that I was up extra early for the gym yesterday because she decided she wanted to party at 5 ;) That's okay though, her sweet little face melted my heart the second she woke me up. She was so smiley and happy laying by daddy that I didn't want to leave! But, I eventually got out of the house and got a 4 mile run in. I am working on upping my pace, but taking it very slowly. I am planning on doing a 5 mile race in May, so that should be fun for me.

Rose was sleeping when I got home from the gym, so I snapped a picture because she just looked so incredibly adorable. Chanse texted me in the middle of my workout to tell me that Rosalie was being a bit fussy, so I was happy to see that she was zonked out ha. She was even pretty happy after she woke up a bit later, and she just sucked on her binkie while I finished the rest of my workout at home.  I was one happy mama! And no of course I don't intentionally put these jammies on Rose more than any of her other jammies ;)

 Chanse forgot to take his lunch to school yesterday, and I was pretty excited because it meant that I could go and visit him. Sometimes his forgetfulness can be a good thing hehe. I ran a few errands before hand though, and I had to stop and feed Rose. She was pretty happy once she had a full belly :)

 Chanse had some good news for me. He got a 100% on his geology test! Obviously I know that he is a total genius, but I had to share it with all of you as well! I married a smartie :)

And then we took some snap chats to send to my sis, and I of course saved them to my phone without telling my hubby so I could post them to the blog. Sorry babe ;) Don't we look good?!

How was your Monday?
What is your favorite type of cardio?

How do you get yourself to lift weights? I need motivation!


  1. Love your blog! Boxing is my favorite for cardio and really works the muscles too. I screen shot a lot of pics of women with big, sculpted muscles for motivation to go lift. I get bored lifting sometimes so I need the reminder of how strong I can be if I keep it up. Good luck! :)

    1. I have never tried boxing before, but that is awesome! Maybe I should try it out :) And I love the picture idea too. I really need motivation ha!

  2. I love reading your experiences as a cute new mommy! Love you!

    1. Thanks Andi! I love you too! I'm excited to see you this week! :)


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