Monday, April 14, 2014

I Love My Little Family

This weekend was another fun one, and it made me even more grateful for my little family. But on Thursday Rose had her first little crying fit (besides when she got her shots), and that wasn't fun! It was so sad to me! I was putting some lotion on her, and I think that it was too cold because she got super mad, and started crying. Then I of course still had to finish getting her ready, and she just got more and more upset. Finally Chanse and I were able to calm her down, but it was seriously the saddest thing ever. I hate when she cries :(

She cheered up for the rest of the day though, and was a happy little thing again :) Thank goodness!

Rose loves to just lay on the bed sometimes, and I think it is because she can lay flat and also because she likes staring at the light on the ceiling haha. Chanse was in the room doing some studying, so Rose hung out with her daddy for a little bit :)

On Thursday I asked Chanse what he wanted out of a list of options, and he chose chili. Since I absolutely hate any and all forms of hamburger meat, I decided that I would make a chili with chicken. It turned out so yummy, and we loved it! My sister Courtney and her husband Brady even enjoyed some the next night, and they polished it off :) The recipe is here if you would like to make it :) Super easy, and super good!

Rose was in a very good mood before bed this day, and she was all smiles. She kept looking up at the ceiling and smiling, and she was just cooing and having a grand ol' time :) These moments are moments that I treasure and want to remember forever!

This is what I came home to after the gym on Friday morning, and it made my heart happy. She is so peaceful and so perfect! I adore this little one, and I love that we get to spend all day, everyday together!

Okay so this is super funny. Rose kept farting, or as my dad would say "tooting", all of the way through the grocery store, and it was hilarious. She kept pulling the cutest little constipated faces, and I was having a good laugh at her. I tried to take a picture of one of her constipated faces, and this is what I got ha. 

We had lunch with Chanse again this Friday, and I think it totally wore her out because she slept for most of the afternoon. She looks so content when she is sleeping, so I love to take pictures of her :) Her eyelashes are getting longer, and it is the best thing ever! I hope she has her daddy's eyelashes!

 On Friday night Chanse and I had an award dinner to go to for Geology, and we had Court and Brady watch Rose. My sister is the best, and she is always more than willing to watch Rosalie for me. I appreciate it more than she will ever know! She's the best! Her and Brady are going to be excellent parents one day :)
 Car selfie
 Campus selfie haha
 And then some really nice girl probably noticed me looking awkward with my phone in my hand, and she volunteered to take our picture. I was very grateful :) Spending time on campus made me realize how much I already miss it! BYU has an incredible campus, and I am glad that Chanse isn't done with school for another year, so that I can still visit :)

 On Saturday morning we went to support our friend in his body building competition. We decided to go to the pre show in the morning because we figured that it wouldn't be as crowded, and also wouldn't be as big of a deal if Rosalie started to fuss. She ended up doing so good, and she only got a little bit fussy when she was hungry.

Rosalie went to church for the very first time on Sunday, and she did great! We first went to a friend's ward for a baby blessing, and then we took her to our own ward. She looked super cute, and she was such a good baby! I just love her so much!!!!

We also had Brady and Court over for some jambalaya that Chanse made, and it tasted delicious! It was super fun to spend some time with Brady and Court as well because they will be leaving soon to go sell again this summer. 

I hope you all had a great weekend as well!

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