Monday, April 28, 2014

Catch Up!

So this last week or so I have been terrible about blogging, so I am kind of doing a bit of a catch up post.

I spent most of last Monday just chilling with Rose because Chanse was studying with some friends for finals. His studying totally paid off though because he aced his finals! My husband really is so incredibly smart!!!!

I went to pick up my cap and gown this last Tuesday, and I was pretty excited to get it. It made it seem like graduation really was coming, finally! 

Rose and I had some visits from Andrea and Courtney as well during the week, and they gave Rosalie a ton of love! She really does have amazing aunties who just love her so much! I posted this picture on my instagram and I love it! 
 Chanse finished his last final on Tuesday night, so the three of us went to the BYU Creamery for dinner to celebrate. We had some yummy food and ice cream, and it was fun to just chat and spend some time as a family :).

 Rose snoozed for a bit ha

I took this picture of Rose right after she woke up. I have no clue what kind of face she was trying to pull in this picture, but I love it!!
My graduation was on Thursday and Friday, and I will do a full post on it soon, but here is a picture of the whole gang :)

My little brother Collin and I went for a run on Saturday and I loved having someone to run with. 
 Rosalie looked so cute in church on Sunday, so I had to take a picture of her :) Love that little face so much!!!

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