Monday, March 10, 2014

My Seester's Birthday Party Was a Blast

Hi Everyone! 
I hope that you all had an excellent weekend. I know that I sure did :) Saturday was spent just chilin at home for most of the day with Rosalie because Chanse had all sorts of school stuff that he had to do. He took a test and kicked butt though, which is always good :) He's a smartie! 

Then on Saturday night we rented another movie, and hung out with this little sweetie pie. She loves her Daddy!

Then we all got tired and headed to bed. I made Rosalie stay awake until we went to bed that night, and she slept so so good! Sadly Sunday night didn't have the some conclusion :( Oh well ha, you win some, you lose some.

Then on Sunday my sweet sis came over and watched Rosalie (on her birthday might I add) so that Chanse and I could both go to church together. I just stayed for Sacrament meeting, but it was so so good to be at church with my hubby again :)

Here is a pic of Rosalie sleeping while Court was watching her. She sent it to me while I was at church :) It made my heart happy :)

After church we went over to Court's house for her little Birthday Party. Her hubby Brady was out of town for her birthday, so we all wanted to make sure that it was extra special for her! 

Here is the birthday girl herself! 

Check out our setup! My sister is so creative and has amazing decorations!

Three beautiful girls! My sissy, my friend Haley, and Rosalie of course ;)

Rosalie just loves to go limp and fall asleep when her Daddy holds her. See how her little arms are dangling hehe, I love it!

The Crew minus Rose and Me. Please notice the incredibly attractive goofy face that my hubby is pulling hehe! I tell him that I am going to post these pics just because of the goofy faces that he makes.

I had to post both of these pics because I love how Rosalie is a little wiggle worm in one of them :)

My momma made her this super cute bow :) I love it!

I posted this picture on my Instagram

We had so much fun eating a yummy dinner and birthday ice cream cake, and then sitting around and chatting. I am so glad that my sis had a good birthday, and I can't believe she is 25! Wow, she's old! ;) hehe JK Court. 

After the party Chanse and I brought our sweet baby girl home and put her to bed. Doesn't that face just make you melt?!

Check out my sister's blog here!
How was your weekend?
What did you do?
Happy Monday! :)

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