Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It Felt so Good to be Back

I finally went to the gym after 6 weeks on Monday, and it felt so good! I got up early so that Chanse could watch Rosalie before he had to go to school. I knew that it was going to be hard, but I tried to keep a positive attitude and just do the best that I could :) I did some strength training, and then I went for a 2.5 mile treadmill run. Running always has been and always will be my favorite type of cardio and exercise overall, but I know that it is so important to incorporate strength training of some sort, so I try my best. Even if I have to force myself at times haha.
 It was so good to come home to Rose :)

As you can see I ran my 2.5 miles pretty slow, but I was just happy to have run them at all ha!

Her little outfit doesn't match because she had a little accident on her original onesie, but isn't her double chin so cute?!

Chanse and Rose touching their "twin" noses haha. Rosalie has the EXACT same nose as Chanse and I love it!

It was so good to have Chanse come home after a long day at school.  Rose and I sure missed him!

I got up this morning early again to go to the gym, and boy was I tired haha. Rosalie didn't want to sleep last night, so my body just wanted to stay in bed. But, I am so so so glad that I went, and I felt great when I was done. 

My gym has a Cardio Cinema that plays movies and I love to run in there. I will normally just crank my music up and watch the movie while I read the subtitles. I also love that it is dark in the cardio cinema because I can zone out and just focus on my run. I did 4 miles, and once again ran them at a pretty slow piace. I'm not going to lie, they were super hard for me! I know that it is going to take me a while to pick up my pace and get back into shape, but I am totally okay with this. I just remind myself that it took me a while to build up the level of fitness that I was at before I had Rose, and I know I can do it again if I put in the time and effort. 

 I love my Brooks Pure Flow running shoes because they give my high arches a lot of support.

I just had to post a pic of this little cutie. She is so wide eyed and awake today.

She also loves to be held ha, so this is how I eat my lunch most days. She definitely keeps me on my toes ;)

I hope you all are having a great day!
What is your favorite type of cardio?
Do you enjoy strength training?


  1. Wooooooohoooo! Good job at getting back and realizing that it's okay to not be where you were before Rose! Cheering you on girl!!!
    Ps. I still want to meet her, soon okay?!!?

    1. Thanks Kassidi! I'm definitely trying haha. And yes of course you can meet her soon :)

  2. Your baby is so stinkin' cute! I see so much of Chanse in her!

    1. Thank you Whitney! She really does look just like him :)


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