Thursday, January 30, 2014

Throwback Thursday!

So I have never ever done a Throwback Thursday before, but I thought it sounded fun so here it goes! :)

Throwback to when I was a little baby! Isn't my older sister super cute by the way?! I have been looking at some of my baby pictures and Chanse's baby pictures lately, and it is so fun to try and guess what our baby girl is going to look like. I AM SO EXCITED!

Throwback to my 20th Birthday when my hair was long and blonde and beautiful *sniff sniff* :,( 
Hopefully it will get there again ha! (If you can't tell I have hair issues hehe)

Throwback to February of 2012 when Chanse and I first started dating. His parents came into town and we met them at Tucanos for dinner. Tyler and Andrea were just dating at the time as well. Who would have thought that a few short months later the two couples would be engaged and then married?! 

Today I had my doctor's appointment, so I will have more info on that tomorrow :) Man am I ready for my baby girl to get here. I know I say that all of the time, but I am so excited and anxious to meet her!

And my sister took my maternity pictures a couple of weeks ago and I am so excited to see them! No this is not one of them ha, and yes I know that my eyes are closed ;) This is a picture that Chanse took of me while she was taking my pictures, and it is the only "sneak peak" I've got haha. 


  1. nice throw-back! I especially like the first one....:) I can't wait for you to see all your pictures & to meet lil Rose

    1. Thanks ha! I figured you would appreciate that pic ;) You were rocking those bangs! I can't wait to meet her either :)


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