Saturday, January 11, 2014

Let's Talk Exercise

35 Weeks!

Exercise has always been something that I have found to be super important, but being pregnant has created a whole new look on exercise for me. I used to be type of person who worked out religiously at least 5 days a week, but that definitely hasn't happened for my entire pregnancy. I worked out regularly for about the first 6 weeks of my pregnancy, and then I got morning  all day sickness up until about 16 weeks. I couldn't even get up for more than a few minutes, much less try to work out. This was so hard for me, and I wished often that I could go and at least do something. I knew that this would pass though, so I patiently waited until I felt better. When I finally did, I asked my doctor if I could work out again and he gave me the go ahead :) I started going doing small things like simple weights, the elliptical, and the bike. However, as time went on I felt better and I could run again! I was so excited, even though it was never more than 3.5 to 4 miles and I took walking breaks often. 

I was feeling good for a while, and then the Braxton Hicks contractions started setting in at about 23 weeks or so. This made running interesting, and was something that I had never experienced before. I was also super tired during this time because the only time that I could go to the gym was at 5:30 am. I did my best, but I still only went about 3 or 4 days a week. I did this up until about 31 weeks when the end of the semester came. I was busy with final tests and assignments, but more than anything else I was LAZY! Sleeping in felt good, and my body was tired haha. Then Christmas Break came and the junk food eating and laziness continued for two more weeks :)  

I FINALLY got back to working out when we got back to Provo and it felt so GOOD!!!!! I could tell that my body really needed it, and I made sure that I modified my exercises so that I felt comfortable while doing them (that is another thing that I had to learn about being pregnant… There are just some exercises that I can't do safely). My pace for running is super slow, but that's okay! I also have to lift lighter weights, but guess what?! That's okay too! I have felt more like myself again since being back at the gym, and I am more positive and happy. That may sound silly, but it is so true for me. My goal is to keep working out for as long as I can during this pregnancy, even if that just means walking! I know that something is better than nothing, and for me working out during pregnancy has helped me to feel good and stay positive!

I also have big fitness goals for myself after I have my sweet baby girl, and I am already looking forward to those! Can you believe I am due in less than 5 weeks?! I sure can't!!!

These are just my opinions and this has been my personal experience. I am not an expert and I know that every pregnancy is different :)

What kind of fitness goals did you/do you have during pregnancy?
Any advice for me during these last 5 weeks of pregnancy?
What are your current fitness goals?


  1. I have had similar experiences throughout my pregnancy. Morning/all day sickness & the holidays definitely put a damper on my health routine, and I know I could have been better throughout my entire pregnancy. Now that I'm 33 weeks, my exercise motivation is just making sure that I'm fit enough for labor!
    I used to run, row & practice yoga before pregnancy, and had to switch over to doing only prenatal yoga once I really started to get a belly (around 25 weeks). I've loved it! I'd like to do more walking in addition to yoga, but its so cold outside (excuses, excuses!). But I agree - you really do feel so much better when you move!
    I'm so glad you found my blog and we can connect on the things! Congratulations again on your baby girl! :)
    xo kristen genevieve

    sunny bloglovin

    1. Yay! I am so excited that you are getting so close! Working out during my pregnancy saved me and kept me sane for sure! I also feel like it really helped when it came to my labor and delivery. It sounds like you are doing awesome though!


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