Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Happy Tuesday and My Pregnancy Must Haves

Happy Tuesday Everyone!
My day has been pretty good :) Chanse and I started off our day at the gym this morning and I REALLY needed it!

I spent the whole time just walking on the treadmill, and although some times it is hard for me to walk instead of run, I am so glad that I did. Braxton Hicks contractions are much easier to walk through then to run through haha. The Gold's Gym that I go to has a Cardio Cinema so it is really fun to watch the movie that is playing while I workout.
Can any of you guess the movie?! *Hint* "'Greater good?' I am your wife! I'm the greatest *good* you are ever gonna get!" This is my favorite quote from the whole movie haha!

I took it nice and slow, but it felt good :)
As soon as my belly started getting bigger I bought a support belt for my belly. It has really helped me when I am either running or walking because my belly doesn't move quite so much. 

In the picture above I am wearing the belt with the velcro portion in the back. I have tried wearing it both ways, and they both seem to work well. However, the picture below shows how you are supposed to wear it.

I also wanted to list some other things that have been super helpful for me during pregnancy, and I thought I would share some of them just in case they might help other women who are pregnant :)
You can click on the name of the item above the picture for a link to the actual product

My Pregnancy Must Haves:

I have had really bad acid reflux for several years, but my heartburn reached a whole new level when I got pregnant. I wasn't sure if it was okay for me to continue taking this after I got pregnant, but as soon as my doctor gave me the go ahead to start taking it again, life was much better! It doesn't completely take the heartburn away, but it makes it bearable. It is basically an off brand of Prilosec and I get mine from Sam's Club.

 It is no secret the some pregnant women have constipation issues at times (sorry if that is TMI, but I am just being honest ha.). I have definitely found this to be super helpful, and have used it for most of my pregnancy. My doctor is the one who recommended this to me because it is water based and your body doesn't become dependent on it. I buy the clearLAX brand from Sam's Club, and it is simply the off brand of Miralax.

Comfortable Clothes and/or Maternity Clothes

Maxi dresses and skirts, leggings, sweats, stretchy jeans, maternity tops, and long shirts have done wonders for me during my pregnancy. I have learned that it is super important to be comfortable or else you are going to be miserable haha.

Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula for Stretch Marks Lotion

I have used this since about 15 weeks or so, and I have really liked it! I have been lucky enough to avoid getting stretch marks, and while I don't know if this is genetic or because of this lotion, I have liked using it. It isn't super thick, and it does an awesome job of moisturizing my skin. I have never been a huge fan of the smell of Cocoa Butter, but if you are, then you will love the smell of this stuff ha.

Chanse and I don't have the most comfortable mattress on the planet so I was really excited to get this around Thanksgiving. It has made our bed so much softer, and it really helps me to feel more comfortable at night. Since sleeping during pregnancy is something you have to fight for, I feel like every little bit helps ha :)


(This isn't my bathtub, but isn't it sweet ha?!)
I don't think there is anything more relaxing right now than sitting in the bathtub and just relaxing. It is nice to not have to stand, and I love how the warm water soothes my muscles. I also realize that I likely won't be able to take many baths after our sweet baby girl gets here, so I am sneaking in as many as I can right now ;)

I have found that I have had so many different questions during my pregnancy, and sometimes I am not patient enough to wait to ask my doctor. I know that looking up things online can sometimes be super dangerous because you get all freaked out when you read the horrific things that are causing your symptoms. However, I really like reading pregnancy forums because real women are talking about how they are feeling, and other women are giving their input. The information is much more real and logical, and a lot of my questions have been answered this way. I also like that the women on these forums are super supportive, and for the most part they just want to help :)
*I still ask my doctor all of my questions, but I find these forums super helpful*

Water Bottles

 I have always had to work really hard to drink enough water each day because water makes me sick (Acid Reflux and water just don't mix well because the water never wants to stay down :/) However, I know how important it is to drink enough water while pregnant, so I have been making a conscious effort to drink a lot of water. Having a water bottle on hand makes drinking water a lot easier for me because I can actually see how much water I am drinking each day :)

I am sure that there are hundreds of other things out there that can be helpful for pregnancy, but these are just some that I thought of :)

Can you think of any other pregnancy must haves? Please share!

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