Saturday, January 25, 2014

Date Night at Tucanos

I had a free birthday meal at Tucanos, so Chanse and I decided to go a couple of nights ago :) We thought that it would be fun to get out and do something together, especially since he is pretty busy with school right now. I also wanted to make sure that we used it before January was over because who wants to pass up a free meal ha?!

I love the salad bar at Tucanos, and I always make sure that I load my salad up with all sorts of good stuff :)

The meat is super good too!

The Riverwoods is so beautiful, and I love seeing all of the amazing lights!

We finished off the night be going to Sam's Club to get a couple of things that we needed :) I really do love spending time with Chanse no matter what we are doing, especially since we have a little one coming very soon and I know that life is going to be very different for us... good... but different :)


  1. I'm new to the blog and I didn't even know you were pregnant by looking at these photos.
    That place is so good and I agree with the salad bar. My family loves the brazilian lemonade as well.My family is from your hometown.
    xx, High Heels and Tutus

  2. Thanks! Tucanos is seriously the best :) That is awesome that your family is from Vernal! I love it there! Did you like it?


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