Monday, January 6, 2014

34 Week Baby Update

 This one is kind of sunny, but you can still see my belly :)
How far along? 34 weeks
Total weight gain: 19 pounds
Maternity clothes? My sis-in-law let me borrow a couple pair of stretchy jeans that she wore when she was pregnant, and they have been awesome! I have also been wearing my other stretchy jeans, leggings, maxi dresses, maternity shirty, and sweats
Stretch marks? Not yet, but I keep checking for them ha
Sleep: Sleep has been okay this week. It is kind of hard to get comfortable, but that it to be expected haha
Best moment this week: Feeling how big my baby girl is getting inside of me. I love feeling her on both sides of my stomach! 
Miss anything? Exercising like I used to! I finally got back to the gym after 3 weeks of not going, and those Braxton Hicks contractions make my workouts pretty humorous haha. 
Movement: She is a moving unit. It is cool because she moves a lot more of my stomach now, and I can feel her little feet and elbows poking out sometimes.
Food cravings: cereal, apples, bread, chips, bananas, ranch, and bubble gum
Anything making you queasy or sick: I get super sick if I wait too long to eat :/
Gender: Girl 
Labor signs: No 
Symptoms: Lots and lots of Braxton Hicks contractions. They feel super crazy because my stomach is bigger and the whole thing goes as hard as rock
Belly button in or out? Still somewhat in
Wedding rings on or off? On, but my hands have been a bit swollen a couple of times and my ring feels tighter
Happy or moody most of the time: I have been super emotional and catch myself crying over the dumbest things! 
Looking forward to: My ultrasound this week, and meeting our baby girl in 5.5 ish weeks :)

And after 3 weeks of being lazy I finally got back into my gym routine this week!
Like I said, my workouts at the gym are so much different than before I was pregnant, but I am just grateful that I feel good enough to go :) I have to stop often during my runs incredibly slow jogs for Braxton Hicks contractions and side aches, but I still feel great. 


  1. How did your Braxton Hicks contractions compare to regular cramps & labor contractions? I thought I felt BH around 31 weeks, but they were very mild and I haven't had any since. So random! :-P
    xo kristen genevieve

    sunny bloglovin

    1. Hey Kristen!
      My BH contractions were just a tightening of my stomach. They would get more and more uncomfortable as my stomach got bigger, but they didn't exactly "hurt". When my regular contractions started they caused me real pain, and they had more of a cramping feel to them. My stomach still tightened of course, but the added pain is what made the biggest difference for me. That is random that you only had them that one time, but I am sure they will come back again. It is crazy that each pregnancy is so incredibly different :)


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