Thursday, November 7, 2013

Picture Overload

So I should totally be studying for my upcoming 3 tests, writing my report, or taking my quizzes right now but... I'm not! I just needed a little break from studying and school for a bit, so I decided that I would post a bunch of random pictures that I have from the last couple of months. I love the memories that come along with having pictures!  Hope you enjoy! :)


 I went to the General Relief Society conference with my mom, sis, and aunt. So much fun!

I got to see my Parents for a bit in Heber :)

I dressed up as Chanse for a Halloween party because he was out of town haha!

My family went on fun hike.

So these were all random, but it helps me to remember what I have been doing in my crazy life lately and I'm glad! 

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