Monday, October 14, 2013

Baby Update and BYU Football Game

I am writing this blog post as I wait for class to start because frankly it is the only free time that I have right now. Life is so crazy busy and I am counting down the days until graduation (I literally have a graduation countdown on my fridge). I am finding that I am a lot more tired this semester than I have ever been before, and I know that it is because my sweet baby girl takes a lot of energy from me. That's okay though, my professors will just have to be more understanding when I fall asleep in class ;). Anyways, I am at 22 weeks now and I thought that I would post a couple pictures from the past couple of weeks. I am starting to feel my baby girl move more, and it is so amazing to me! It makes everything more real and it makes me excited to meet her! :) 

21 Weeks

22 weeks

Chanse and I went to a football game on Saturday with Andrea and Tyler (his sister and her husband), and we had a good time.
 My hubby didn't want to smile for me ;)

Tyler, Andrea, Chanse, and Me


I will try and keep posting updates as time goes on. I am doing my best, even though my mom and my sister are the only ones who read my blog :)

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