Sunday, April 28, 2013


Alright, its official, I am the WORST BLOGGER EVER! I don't know where the time goes, but somehow it gets away from me, and I forget to blog. It may be the fact that I am working and trying to be a full time student, but I still need to start getting better at this blogging business. Finals are now over with *Hooray* and I no longer have an excuse not to blog because I only have one online class right now. Chanse and I are both thrilled to be done with this semester, and we are soaking up this warm weather. A lot has happened since I last blogged, but not many pictures were taken ha. I am so bad about that. We have had a trip or two to Vernal, and we also moved, and will be moving again next week ha. Oh the life of young, married college students! Anyways, I will work harder to take pictures and blog more often, so for now I will just post some random pics for you :)

Visit to Vernal (Chanse, Me, Tyler, and Collin)

 Me and my handsome hubby :)
 My beautiful, amazing mom!

 We made BBQ chicken pizzas on pita bread, and they were delicious!

 My new Brooks are the bomb, I love running in them!

So I know these pictures are all so random, but it was the best I could do :( I will get better at taking more pictures though... hopefully!

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