Tuesday, February 12, 2013

School, Work, Repeat...

Sorry I have been a terrible blogger for the last month or so! School gets started, and then things just go crazy after that. I feel like I don't have time for much of anything, and when I do have a little bit of free time, I don't want to do anything haha. My day seriously consists of gym, school, work, homework,  cleaning, taking care of Belle, and everything else I am required to do haha! Chanse and I have both been doing really well though, and it is crazy to think that we will be half way through the semester (minus our finals) in a week and a half! I hope that it flies by! I have an online class that I will be working on for part of the summer, but it will still be a really nice break. Then I just have one more semester yay! I haven't taken many pictures lately but I will post a couple that I have taken just for fun!
 I just love this boy! He will probably hate me for posting this pic haha
 Temple Date!
 My crazy pup
 The weather lately...

 My new Brooks! Yay! Now if only I could fix my knee issues :(
 Love that face!

I thought I would throw in some oldies just for fun since I don't have many new pictures :)

 The day I went through the temple :) What an amazing day!!!
 Brady, Me, and Court

My mom and dad :)

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  1. I'd be more than happy to take your pictures when we come home for school again if you'd like!


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