Saturday, December 1, 2012

It seems that I forgot about my blog...

Well I started my blog out with the best intentions in the world, but it seems that between moving, school, and work that I pretty much forgot that it existed :( But I am back now, and I am going to try to give you a little peak at what has been going on in our lives :)

Our first camping trip as a married couple :) so fun!
 BYU Football game with Andi and Tyler

 13.1 miles baby! My first half marathon!
 My family came to support me :) Chanse had to work & it was has birthday. I hurried home afterwards so that we could celebrate his birthday together.
 Courtney threw a pretty fun Halloween party. You can definitely tell we got into our costumes ha. My mom is in her PJs, I am a nerd (I know not a far step from the real me haha), and Court is a burglar. 
My hot hubby dressed up as a fighter

 Don't worry he wasn't about to punch me ;)
 Last home game for BYU :) So cold, but so fun! Chanse's parents and his brother came out with his family and their son Daysen had a great time at the game. Such good memories!
 Thanksgiving! Chanse's mom made such a good meal, and it was so fun seeing everybody again :)
 We were both pretty full after eating a delicious meal
 Black Friday shopping! Although it really shouldn't be called that anymore because it is now at 8 on Thursday night ha. We got some great movies, and Chanse did great  for his first Black Friday!
 The day after Thanksgiving we went to get a Christmas tree for Chanse's parents and his brother's family. Chanse decided to bring his gun and try to hunt down some rabbits ;)
Here's a pic of the whole crew (minus Amberly who was taking the picture :) Notice cute little baby Hudson all snuggled up in Derrick's coat. 

Life has been so fun and busy lately, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Finals are coming up in the next couple of weeks, and both Chanse and I are ready for them to be over with. After finals we will finally be going on our honeymoon with Andi and Tyler (Chanse's sister and her hubby). We are so excited, and then we get to spend Christmas with my family this year which will also be super fun!
 Oh and I almost forgot the most exciting news yet! 
Chanse and I decided that it was time for us to add another member to our family so...
We bought a puppy!
 Introducing Belle!
She is so sweet, so cute, and soooo much work, but we love her! :)

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  1. hey I didn't know you had pic's from the Halloween party! Do you have anymore? I would like em' all!!


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