Sunday, December 30, 2012


So Chanse and I finally went on our Honeymoon! We finished up our finals on Friday the 14th and then we headed to Vegas with Tyler and Andrea (Chanse's sister and BIL) to stay the night for the first leg of our trip. We decided to go on the cruise together, since neither of us really went on a real honeymoon. :) I didn't take pictures in Vegas (I forgot) :( but we stayed at Circus Circus and it was a lot of fun. We then left bright and early in the morning to get the oil changed in Andrea's car and to get some snacks for the road. Chanse drove for most of the day, and our second stop was in San Diego California!

I guess I can't get mad at him for not looking at the camera since he was driving ha :)

We stayed the night in a great  somewhat decent motel, and that night we decided that we wanted to go see The Hobbit! Yay! I absolutely loved the movie, but I about had a heart attack when I saw how much it cost for two people to go to the movies in Cali! After the movie we went to The Cheesecake Factory because Tyler had been wanting to take Andrea there for a long time. I got a yummy shrimp dish and Chanse got a burger. The food was really good, but once again I forgot to take a picture :( I am working on it I promise!  We then got up that morning and found a church to go to.  After that we all wanted to go see the San Diego Temple, and oh my goodness was it beautiful! I have seen it before, but I had forgotten just how gorgeous it was! I told Chanse that we should've been married there, but after talking about the cost to fly all of our family and friends to San Diego I reconsidered :)

 Cheesecake Factory!

 Isn't it amazing?!

 Don't mind the fact that I was wearing Chanse's huge jacket in most of these pics, it was freezing (to me anyways)!!

 We should definitely be models ;)

So after this we stayed one more night in Los Angeles, but it was Sunday so we just watched TV at the hotel for the most part. The next day was spent driving to the store to get goodies and games, eating breakfast, and then driving to park our car and get on the cruise ship!
 This is our sweet room on the cruise ship!
 Me and my handsome hubby!
 Right outside our awesome room
 The guy who was unloading the luggage offered to take a group picture for us. :) He was so nice!
 It was cold, but beautiful!
 This is our first night at dinner, it was casual, and yes I forgot to take a picture of my delicious chicken pasta, and chocolate cake with ice cream for dessert! Yum!
 Isn't he cute? ;)
 Good Morning! I think this is by far my best photo, half asleep and no makeup
 We got in the hot tub thinking that it would be hot, but no it was more like lukewarm. We stayed in it for a bit, and then Chanse got brave and decided to jump in the ice cold pool (he is crazy)! 
 We got dressed up nice and fancy for dinner the following night. 
 I had lobster tail and shrimp! Talk about delicious!
 They would put these cool little animals on our bed each night, and they left chocolate for us me! Who could ask for more?!
 Ensenada was so beautiful!
 This is the blowhole! And no I didn't wear the same clothes each day on the cruise, even though it may appear that way ;)
 We went to this cool restaurant in Ensenada for lunch and we shared a chile relleno! It tasted really good, and I loved looking out the big windows at the beautiful scenery!

 We went to a beach in Ensenada, and had fun playing in the sand for a bit. Andrea and Tyler got in the water,  but there was no way I was taking any of my layers off in the freezing cold! Okay, so it wasn't actually freezing, but it was definitely not swimming weather for me.
 This was our third dinner! I had my second chile relleno for the day, vegetarian style, and it surpassed all of my expectations! The sauce on it was also amazing! Sorry no picture :(
 A Frog!!
 This was our last dinner on the cruise ship! Poor Chanse ended up giving me his jacket every single night. It was so cold where we ate dinner :(
 Seafood pasta with a tomato cream sauce!
 This was Chanse's dinner, and I can't even remember what it was, oops! Any ideas ha?
 This is after we got off the cruise ship and into the car. How is it that my husband can look so handsome so early in the morning? 
 My sweet sister watched Belle during our cruise, and she was a complete terror :( My poor sis! She was good when she came back to us though, and we showered her with love the next morning!

 Our cruise was a lot of fun, and it was so nice to get away and not have to worry about school, work, or other responsibilities for a little bit! It was also fun to be able to spend more time with Chanse since our lives are usually so busy all of the time! We came to Vernal for Christmas with my family, and I will have a post all about that soon!

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