Pregnancy #2 Update 36 Weeks

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How far along? 36 weeks (as of Saturday) 
Total weight gain: 10-11
Maternity clothes? Nope
Stretch marks? Nope
Best moment this week: Feeling this little guy move around inside of me. I know that I am going to miss it so much when he is born. It is so bittersweet!
Miss anything? Of course I miss being able to move around easier, but it's all worth it ;)
Movement:  Yes! So much and I love it!
Food cravings: I can't really think of anything new.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Certain foods still make me sick
Gender: Boy :)
Labor signs: I have had a few real contractions off and on, but they aren't consistent at all, so not really
Symptoms: Contractions and swelling. 
Belly button in or out? Popping out
Wedding rings on or off? Still on, but I have been swollen.
Happy or moody most of the time: I'll be honest, I have been pretty moody this week. I'm trying though! I just catch myself being moody a lot ha.
Looking forward to: Meeting this little guy! :)
Exercise: I have definitely been slowing down, but I am still able to exercise and for that I am super grateful. :)  



  1. LOVE the dress. You are so close!!

  2. You look adorable! That is amazing you aren't wearing maternity clothing and making it work with your own. I love this dress on you! I think anything is cute with a baby bump!

  3. You look so adorable!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  4. Love your hat and dress combo! Can't wait to see that sweet baby of yours!
    xx Em

  5. You look so great! Lovely blog dear xx
    Jill D Blog

  6. This is darling... don't worry, you'll get to feel you baby moving in your arms when s/he is born!! And that will be just as amazing, memorable, and wonderful! :o)

    All the Cute 🎀
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  7. Love your dress and hat! You look so great dear!
    Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

  8. You are such a pretty momma! Happy 36 weeks!

    - Liz @ Downtown Demure

  9. awww. you look so glowing. keep safe always, you and your baby.

  10. You have the cutest bump!! My god it is tiny and dainty! Join my weekly Weekend Wear Linkup and share your style.

    xo Sheree
    IG: @poshclassymom

  11. You look so stunning. Love the black dress and hat. Best wishes
    Thanks for linking up with Turning Heads Tuesday
    jess xx

  12. Aw yay for all the new changes. You are getting so close and what a nice dress.
    Thank you for linking up to "Bloggers Who Have Inspired Me"
    Rachel xo


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